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Banking and finance

Vatandoust banking and financial services offers practical and efficient solutions to our clients. We represent both individual lenders and corporations, including both banking and non-banking financial institutions.

Vatandoust utilises leading practitioners with a reputation for excellence acting on complex banking and financial services transactions. Vatandoust provides legal advice that is sound and commercially viable to our clients. We have experience in acting for both the mortgagee and mortgagor in transactional and litigious dealings. These include drafting of loan agreements, project financing and investments, interest rate disputes and mortgage enforcement including debt recovery.


Commercial and corporate law

Vatandoust provides advice on a range of commercial transactions to its clients. We strive to understand key drivers of our clients’ commercial needs in order to ensure we are best placed to offer the best services to them. To add value to our clients’ commercial transactions, we advise clients in company law matters and legal issues that affect the day to day operations of their businesses.

Based on our experience and knowledge we offer the following services:

  • • Competition and trade practices
  • • Contract and commercial disputes
  • • Corporate debt recovery
  • • Corporations law
  • • Insolvency
  • • Customer and supplier agreements
  • • Franchising
  • • Advertising and marketing
  • • Standard terms and conditions

Competition and consumer protection

Vatandoust provides advice in relation to the old Trade Practices Legislation and the new Australian consumer legislation. We offer clients market leading competition and consumer rights advice, including consumer protection issues, misleading and deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct and unfair and overbearing contracts.

Vatandoust has access to practitioners who are able to deal with matters in various national and international jurisdictions. Additionally, the firm has an established relationship with a network of law firms in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, for competition and consumer protection advice.


Construction and engineering

Vatandoust provides representation to all construction participants involved, including, landlords, developers, banking and non-banking financiers, State and local government, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors and consultants.

We provide advice on the outcomes and objectives of all construction projects. The environmental impact assessment, development, financing, contracts and general construction issues.

We also, provide ongoing advice dealing with construction projects, project disruptions, claims against third parties, contractual variations, and dispute resolution.

We are able to offer comprehensive advice regarding:

  • • Company restructuring
  • • Contracts
  • • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • • Environmental issues
  • • Occupational health and safety
  • • Outsourcing
  • • Public liability
  • • Real estate
  • • Regulation
  • • Risk management

Digital law and cyber security

Technological advancements have meant new challenges to both individuals and companies. Increased exposure to the online world has resulted in a rapid rise in online incidences of cyber crime, including hacking, identity theft, and data breaches. These incidences of cyber crime can result in tremendous damage to both the individual and the businesses operating on the web. In addition, companies are placed under increasing external pressures to comply with regulators and other security advisors to provide protection for personal information and to guard against the risk of bringing harm to the goodwill and reputation of their clients and other businesses they deal with.

Generally speaking, Vatandoust provides digital law advice designed to prevent and limit the exposure of our clients to cyber risks and other internet related vulnerabilities.

We provide services in relation to the request for information under Freedom of Information, where access to such information is otherwise denied. Services regarding Social media laws, such as having your name and reputation attacked on Facebook or Instagram, the unauthorised display and publication of your brand or images.

We provide advice and draft Website Term of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers with your specific needs and requirements in mind. This is mainly to limit your liability and provide other forms of digital protection.

With such issues as data harvesting on the rise, where your personal and or corporate data is stored and traded electronically, online businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to provide authentic client services without compromising sensitive information in the process. Digital monetary systems utilising blockchain platforms already provide certain levels of anonymity and privacy to their users. Whilst this may provide additional protection for digital trading platforms, it may bring tremendous harm to others at the risk of having their personal information and privacy compromised, sometimes indefinitely. This digital evolution or revolution requires a law firm to be up to date with digital laws and regulations and be able to provide digital law advice at the same rapid pace to our clients.

The Vatandoust digital law team provides services in the following areas:

  • • Policy and compliance
  • • Privacy and data protection
  • • Online risk reduction and prevention
  • • Cloud computing and security issues
  • • International jurisdiction compliance
  • • Compliance with international data regulations
  • • Reporting of data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • • Online libel issues and takedown actions
  • • Freedom of information
  • • Social media law


Vatandoust is well placed to provide crucial advice considerate towards the changing social behaviour and attitudes regarding a person’s reputation and standing amongst his/her peers and the community at large.

Wrongs such as defamation, identity theft and crime can also arise when private information is mishandled. We provide advice on the three steps necessary to bring a defamation action and or whether what is being alleged or published falls within one of the exceptions to a claim.


Energy and resources

The firm covers all aspects of energy and resources including legal advice on the preliminary stages of mining and extraction. In the energy sector our services include: oil, natural gas and LNG, coal, renewable energy, electricity generation and distribution (EG&D) and nuclear energy. In the resources sector our services cover: gold, platinum, silver, nickel, aluminium, iron ore, uranium, diamond and rare earths. The firm works with independent experts with detailed legal and commercial expertise regarding the ever changing face of these industries. We help draft the necessary agreements and collaborate with specialist lawyers and consultants. The firm provides its clients with comprehensive practical legal and commercial advice regarding the energy and resources sector.


Intellectual property

Vatandoust provides legal advice regarding both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters.

We advise on protecting valuable commercial brands, ideas and technological advances. We are also able to provide pragmatic commercial advice to our clients, taking into account their commercial objectives and the position of the IP in the context of their business.

Vatandoust is able to register a range of IP products and services with the additional support of our professional contacts, such as, trade mark and patent attorneys, who can be consulted upon instruction.

We offer practical advice on all aspects of copyright, trade mark, patent, parallel importation, counterfeiting, and misleading and deceptive conduct in Australia and overseas jurisdictions.


International trade

Vatandoust provides advice and works with all respective stakeholders on international trade agreements. We provide advice to companies wanting to do business in the Australasian region and the Middle East.

We work with private sector interests regarding international dispute settlements under the World Trade Organization Agreement (WTO).

Vatandoust provides services regarding the trade of agricultural products, energy and resources, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, industrial machinery and parts, livestock (ESCAS Certified), and water management.

Our work covers the following areas:

• WTO litigation and ADR
• Trade agreement negotiation and implementation
• Market access
• Customs and quarantine
• Export / Import compliance (embargoes and sanctions)
• Bilateral investments.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Vatandoust litigation and dispute resolution practice is focused on achieving the best outcomes for our clients in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.

The firm practices in all New South Wales and Federal jurisdictions, including, the Local Court, Land and Environment Court of NSW, District Court of NSW, Supreme Court of NSW, Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia and the High Court of Australia.

Vatandoust clients’ benefit from the firm’s wide range of experience in resolving legal disputes in many business areas and our focus on our clients’ business needs and best interests. We have years of experience conducting litigation, arbitration and ADR, to help our clients achieve the best outcome. Our approach to dispute resolution is structured and focuses on what matters to our clients. We offer advice on the best approach to dispute resolution and litigation, and take a strategic approach in dealing with all disputes. We focus on the way in which the dispute resolution process can be best managed to deliver the optimum result for our clients. Our clients can draw on our experience and knowledge of litigation and dispute resolution in the following areas:

  • • Banking, regulatory and finance
  • • Class actions
  • • Commercial
  • • Competition
  • • Construction and engineering
  • • Defamation
  • • Employment
  • • Fraud and corporate crime
  • • Healthcare
  • • Intellectual property
  • • International arbitration
  • • International compliance and investigations
  • • Life sciences
  • • Maritime and international trade
  • • Product liability
  • • Real estate
  • • Restructuring and insolvency

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