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Banking and finance

At Vatandoust we strive to provide the best legal advice and services in the banking and finance sector. We use leading practitioners with a reputation for excellence acting on complex banking and financial services transactions. Vatandoust provides legal advice that is sound and commercially viable for our clients. We deal with both banking, non-banking financial institutions individual financers and mortgagees.

Construction and engineering

Vatandoust provides advice on infrastructure, construction, engineering and contract mining projects both in Australia and internationally.

Our practical understanding of all types of project delivery structures, drafting, and the important commercial and legal developments enables us to provide relevant and commercial solutions and contain any legal disputes that arise as a result.

We are able to offer comprehensive advice regarding:

  • Company restructuring
  • Contracts
  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Environmental issues
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Outsourcing
  • Public liability
  • Real estate
  • Regulation
  • Risk management
  • Energy and resources

We aim to provide legal advice across all aspects of energy and resources. In the energy sector our services include: crude oil, natural gas and LNG, coal, renewable energy, electricity generation and distribution (EG&D) and nuclear energy. In the resources sector our services cover: gold, platinum, silver, nickel, aluminium, iron ore, uranium, diamond and rare earths. The firm works with independent experts with detailed legal and commercial expertise regarding the ever changing face of these industries.

We aim to provide legal advice dealing with the commercial issues facing our clients and the legal elements required to better handle the changing legal environment.

Healthcare and life sciences

Vatandoust is able to provide legal services to clients operating in the health and life sciences sector. In the healthcare sector, we provide legal representation to general medical practitioners and specialists in relation to claims of misdiagnosis and treatment by patients. We also provide advice and representation to patients regarding medical negligence applications and ensuing and existing court proceedings.

In the life sciences sector, we are able to provide legal services to individuals, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and general healthcare companies, start-ups, educational institutions, agricultural companies, and medical device companies. Our services are built on the work of lawyers and consultants with science backgrounds. We understand your language, because we understand the technology. As a result, we are able to provide specific and tailor-made advice to our clients.

  • Commercial advice

We are able to provide advice on commercial and intellectual property issues on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These include R&D, licensing, supply and distribution, marketing agreements, clinical trials, IT, and privacy and data protection. We are also able to defend our clients interest against product liability issues arising from intense media scrutiny of products and any other legal issues arising out of such challenges, including maintaining their commercial interests.

  • Litigious advice (Healthcare, medical practitioners and specialists)

Vatandoust provides advice to medical practitioners regarding allegations of medical misconduct and defending complaints made at the medical council of NSW by patients. We also provide advice and representation regarding medical negligence claims made by patients against the treating practitioner or specialist in all Australian jurisdictions. This includes instituting defamation claims against both individuals and organisations.

  • Litigious advice (Healthcare, patients)

Vatandoust provides advice and representation to patients regarding both the investigative process and ensuing and existing court proceedings arising from medical negligence applications. We deal with issues related to misdiagnosis and treatment, obstetrics, paediatrics, gynaecology, dental procedures, surgery, orthopaedics, drugs and drug reactions and cosmetic surgery.

  • Litigious advice (Life sciences)

Vatandoust provides legal advice and representation regarding both the preliminary investigative process and ensuing and existing court proceedings. Vatandoust provides specific litigation advice regarding the Originating Process and also filing of a Defence at the appropriate jurisdiction. We also provide advice regarding the protection and enforcement of our clients’ rights regarding intellectual property, and other contentious issues regarding product liability and consumer protection. We are able to provide advice in copyright, trademark, patent, parallel importation, counterfeiting, and misleading and deceptive conduct.

Real estate

Vatandoust provides strategic advice regarding commercial opportunities for developers and provide risk assessment to developers and purchasers. Vatandoust will handle your matter from the beginning and will see it right to the end. As a multilingual Firm, we are also able to work together and coordinate our efforts with overseas based companies. We will deal with any legal issue relevant to a property and or project.


Following the global financial crises until the present, many in the retail industry failed to adapt to the changing environment of business and the new challenges which directly and indirectly impacted them. These challenges included pressures from competition, costs, global economics, rapid changes in technology and the rising costs of insurance and risk. Vatandoust understands the changing dynamics of that environment and t actively pursues the best solutions to reduce your exposure and to maximise your returns and productivity.

Technology & Media

Vatandoust aims to help its clients deal with the rapidly changing privacy and data protection regime. We draft specific privacy policies in order to comply with the regulatory body requirements and exceptions based on the size and the nature of the business of our clients. Vatandoust provides legal advice on privacy, data protection, access to documents, suppression and non-publication and freedom of information and other related areas of the law. We are able to cater to all Internet-based publishers, IT, media organisations and other service providers.

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